Server Management

Server Management

RIS's team will monitor key components and the utilization of system resources, including server availability, utilization rate, performance and configuration. Our specialist administrators also work in real time to ensure effective functioning of your servers and to prevent any problems from occurring, which could interrupt server operations. Server management services include:

24/7 administration of the server, datacenter using a various remote monitoring and management tools

Remote incident management

Operating System upgrade & version control

Ensuring data consistency across clusters / Servers / Server farms

Optimize system performance by fine-tuning disks / disk arrays / processor utilization and load balancing

Security & patch alerts as well as bug fixes for the operating system

Performance monitoring of Internet-based infrastructure including Servers, software, Virtualized environments, bandwidth & websites

Third Party Escalation Management including alerts and issue based escalation in accordance with the signed SLAs or set processes

Create virtualized server environment using VMWARE, Microsoft Hyper V and Parallels for unmatched hardware optimization and energy conservation

We have team of skilled engineers available for Microsoft, Linux (Debian, Red hat, Suse) and Mac OSX operating platform.