About Us

"RIS was founded in 2013. In 6 years of our existence we have been able to achieve the recognition of being one of the elite full services IT companies in the Indian software & IT Services industry. We are one of the leading Offshore IT Services providers having a spotless track record of consistently delivering workable, robust offshore software solutions. This is achieved by adopting innovative approaches and remaining committed to quality, processes and outstanding technological prowess. With 100 + employees in India and 8 employees in Australia, we have satisfied clients in 5 countries globally, we have been often termed by customers as the "team next floor".

Remote Infrastructure Management Services the major focus area for the company. This company is poised to ride the third wave of outsourcing namely Infrastructure Management Services successfully. With IDC estimating more than 80 % of IT objects being managed remotely, RIS with the multi-skilled team of IT specialists and generalists, is well positioned to be a right sized RIM services partner for you. With our robust and proven approaches for remote / extended 24X7 support, you can rely on us for efficient, consistent, transparent and cost effective RIM solutions and services.

Our services are logically distributed across 4 pillars of Infrastructure. They are Servers & Virtualization, Networks, Security & Storage and Desktops / Endpoints. From design to implementation and monitoring to audit, we cover all aspects of Infrastructure Management. The constants are: process adherence, governance and reporting, knowledge management and Service Level Assurance."